The owner of this home came to us with a very clear concept sketch of how her new home should be laid out. During the design process of detailing the plan from sketch to full working drawings, there were no major changes to the layout, bearing testament to the integrity of the owner’s original concept.

Each and every aspect of the home was considered in meticulous detail with the client leaving no stone unturned in her focused pursuit of the exact outcomes desired. It was truly a pleasure to work with a client who not only considered how the end result would look, but also tempered that with the cost and logistics of achieving the result. The internet makes the world a very small place as this whole design process was accomplished with the client living in the Northern Hemisphere!

The end result was a home that just felt right as soon as you crossed the threshold. This home cloaks you with a feeling of peace and ease that you rarely experience when entering someone else’s home.

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