Building Supervisor

Being Coffs Harbour born and bred and having had a father who worked here as a builder for 40 years I have enjoyed being in the building industry my whole life.

I moved to Brisbane after finishing my apprenticeship, working as a self-employed carpenter, renovating large colonial homes, gaining an eye for detail and good organisational skills. Around 1999 I started managing building sites, progressing from large scale industrial construction to mass residential and high rise construction.

In 2008, chasing a sea change, my wife and I moved our young family to Coffs Harbour. Due to work commitments and knowing Blue Ribbon Homes reputation for quality and friendly service, we engaged them to build our new home. I was highly impressed with the Blue Ribbon quality of finishes and high standard of workmanship of their tradesmen.

I joined the Blue Ribbon Homes team in 2014. As a building supervisor, I manage the day to day works on our sites, consulting with tradespeople and suppliers, allowing prompt delivery of materials and the correct sequence of trades, ensuring the projects run smoothly and our clients receive quality products. Liaising with clients is a very important part of my role, allowing them to have an understanding of the building process which gives them confidence in our construction team. We strive for quality and customer satisfaction, making sure the details are right and we are producing the best product possible.

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