Director / Design & Estimating

Coming from a carpentry and joinery background, I started as an apprentice in the building industry in 1989. My entire working career has been spent with some hugely talented and skilled people who have not only inspired me to strive for excellence but also shown me by example how to achieve it. I am very grateful every day for the opportunities afforded me in this regard.

Born in Kempsey and raised in the Nambucca Valley, I come from a rural family and still live in the Nambucca Valley, where my wife and I have two young boys that also enjoy a rural lifestyle on our hobby farm. As a simple country boy, I appreciate values such as respect, honesty, integrity, clear and open communication and assessment without judgement. Seeking these values in the colleagues, employees, tradesmen and clients that I deal with helps me to align with like-minded people and enhances the outcomes of my role within our company. This and striving for constant improvement, is the path to true job satisfaction and is why I enjoy sales and design so much.

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