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Bellinger River, Bellingen

Image credit: Gethin Coles / Bellingen Shire Council

What facilities does Bellingen have to offer?

Bellingen is known for being ‘alternative’. It provides a vibrant culture that stems from its hippy roots in the 60’s. Today’s Bellingen High Street remains mostly unchanged with the residents resisting any large retail chains from moving in. Consequently, the high street is an appealing eclectic mix of coffee shops and varied independent stores.

Bellingen has its own public high school, primary school and a choice of pre-schools. There are Steiner options as well as plenty of more traditional choices.

Bellingen swells in size every summer because it’s a popular tourist destination with plenty to do. There’s no shortage of interesting eating places and bars and the Federal Hotel is great for a cold beer on the deck.

It’s a great place to be if you’re looking for live music, art, colourful characters and a more natural lifestyle surrounded by National Parks.

What land for sale options are there in Bellingen?

There are plenty of lots to choose from both within the town or further out into the incredible lush bush land. We’re regularly building in this area and are considered the premier new home builders in Bellingen. Consequently, whatever kind of land you’re looking for, we can assist you in every aspect of your move here.

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